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A highly specialised, independent professional association of experts practising in the fields of expert activity: valuation and valuation expertise, financial and economic expertise, forensic and technical expertise, handwriting expertise and technical and forensic expertise.

Being a non-profit organization, ANO "NEB" at the professional level carries out independent forensic examinations in criminal, civil, arbitration cases and administrative violations, carries out scientific research, provides services for the assessment of enterprises (business), real estate, transport assessment, conducts extrajudicial research in the field of handwriting and the prescription of the manufacture of the requisites of documents according to the method approved by the Scientific and Methodological Council of the Federal budget institution Russian Federal Center of Forensic Expertise at the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

Expert activity is a unique, scientific, technical, creative work, the effective results of which completely depend on the professionalism of those professionals who perform it. That is why the company has always been very responsible in its selection, training, and internship of its employees.

Employees of the company have extensive practical experience, serious theoretical training in the field of examination and evaluation, which allows us to provide services with very high quality.

Specialists of the National Expert Bureau autonomous non-profit organization in Moscow completed more than 1000 projects

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  • The Head of Recognized European Appraiser (REV), TEGoVA) has an international qualification title. * REV - Recognized European Valuer (REV) is approved by the European Group of Appraisers Associations. (TEGoVA), Sertificate
  • Sergey Volosnikov is a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Sertificate
  • "National Expert Bureau" is recognised by the Analytical centre "Expert" - ranking of appraisal companies
  • Bureau is in the RAEX ranking of appraisal companies

30 марта 2020 г.
When currency rates change, people think of buying a home as an investment. But the coronavirus changes the situation. Sergey Volosnikov for RBC.
24 декабря 2019 г.
Sergey Volosnikov, Head of the Valuation and Financial and Economic Expertise Department at the National Bureau of Expertise, successfully passed the RICS certification exams
26 июля 2019 г.
It is important for lawyers and barristers to have a general idea of how the expert witnesses carry out the expert review of the dating of documents, as it can change the course of an investigation or court case in favour of the principal and prevent him or her from suffering reputational and financial losses. The expert opinion is often decisive evidence that determines the outcome of a court case. Let us consider how the expert examination of the age of documents is carried out, and how to choose a specialist to ensure that the results are accurate. Olga Podoprigorina, expert at the National Expert Bureau, specially for
17 января 2019 г.
On the informational and legal portal published an article by Sergey Ovechkin - Head of the Department of Forensic, Technical and Handwriting Expertise of the National Expert Bureau, ANO.
18 декабря 2018 г.
Article by Sergey Volosnikov - Counselor, Head of the Financial and Analytical Department of Alliance Legal CG, Head of the Department for Evaluation and Financial and Economic Expertise of ANO NEB.
1 декабря 2018 г.
Sergey Volosnikov - Counselor, Head of the Financial and Analytical Department of Alliance Legal CG, Head of the Assessment and Financial and Economic Expertise Department of ANO NEB has been awarded the international qualification title of Recognized European Valuer (REV), TEGoVA)
11 сентября 2018 г.
"Liquidity ratios: normative values and actual indicators of bankruptcies". The portal "Corporate Management" published the article of the Head of the Financial and Analytical Department of Alliance Legal CG Sergei Volosnikov.