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Private detectives and asset search Practice

The practice of private detectives and asset search Alliance Legal CG functions at the expense of a special Department of Economic Security, which includes employees with significant experience in law enforcement and licensed in accordance with the Federal Law of 11.03.1992 N 2487-1 (as amended on 02.07 .2013) "On private detective and security activities in the Russian Federation"., 2019
Partner Nikolay Popov is recommended by the individual rating of lawyers PRAVO-300 in the category "Criminal Law"., 2019
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Category "Criminal law and process", 2016
Category "Criminal law and process"
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Best legal practices. "Сriminal law: representation of private persons"
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Best legal practices. "Dispute resolution: criminal law"
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Leading law firms in Russia in the category "Representation of private clients in criminal cases"
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Leading law firms practicing on the territory of the Russian Federation in the category "Criminal practice".

About practice

The Department of Economic Security conducts both independent work in the interests of clients and is involved in dispute resolution, criminal law and corporate law. The officers of the department search for witnesses for clients, collect and record evidence, and also search for assets for the purpose of foreclosure on obligations of the debtor.

Private investigation is an effective tool in the investigation of corporate crimes (fraud, commercial bribery, disclosure of information constituting a commercial secret), as well as in the implementation and prevention of measures to prevent and combat corruption in organizations.

  • collection and fixing in accordance with the procedure established by law information on civil (arbitration) and criminal cases;
  • studying the market, gathering information for business negotiations, identifying non-creditworthy or unreliable business partners;
  • establishing the circumstances of the misuse of brand names and names, unfair competition in business activities, and disclosure of information constituting a trade secret;
  • clarification of biographical and other personal data about individual citizens (with their written consent) when concluding labor and other contracts;
  • search for missing citizens;
  • search for property lost by citizens or enterprises, institutions, organizations;
  • search for a person who is a debtor in accordance with the executive document, his property, and also search for a child under an executive document that contains a request for the removal of the child, on a contractual basis with the recoverer;
  • the introduction of anti-corruption measures in the organizations of all forms of ownership and the securing of a commercial secrecy regime.
"I express my gratitude to the team of Alliance Legal CG for effective organization of work and high quality of legal services! Undoubted advantage of your company is professionalism, comprehensive approach and the ability to find a quick and effective solution even in the most complex corporate conflicts that go beyond the limits of Russian jurisdiction. Your approach to solving the tasks posed by using a private investigation to search for assets, search for witnesses and collect evidence. s stability and economic activity of the enterprise is impossible without highly qualified specialists in the field of corporate practices and economic security, result-oriented and conscious of the importance of taking urgent measures to protect the interests of the client. In modern conditions, the stability of the economic activity of the enterprise is inconceivable without highly qualified specialists in the field of corporate practice and economic security, aimed at the result and realizing the importance of taking immediate measures to protect the interests of the client ".
General Director of JSC "Aurat"
Getmanstev V. S.