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"About impact of currency exchange rates and coronavirus on the housing market in the region". Sergey Volosnikov for RBC
30 марта 2020 г.

When currency rates change, people think of buying a home as an investment. But the coronavirus changes the situation. Sergey Volosnikov for RBC.

Sergey Volosnikov, head of the department of evaluation and financial and economic expertise of ANO "NEB" believes that the panic of the pandemic will not last long and the decline in sales and real estate prices will be observed only for a couple of months. According to him, there will be no growth in lending, as inflation will rise after the fall of the ruble, while the central bank may raise the key rate. Mortgage rates will also go up because of this. He notes that in this situation, demand and prices for real estate will decline.

Volosnikov Sergey, Advisor, Head of Financial and Analytical Department.
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