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Expert collaboration

The role of the legal community in solving important state development tasks is inexorably growing. Understanding this, Alliance Legal CG supports the activities of non-profit organizations and associations that share the goals and objectives for the development of legal science, the improvement of legislation, and the provision of good law enforcement practice.

Bankruptcy Club

"Bankrupt Club" Association was founded to unite professionals whose activities are related to bankruptcy and distressed assets management, as well as education and promotion of scientific thinking in this area.

NOTS MSAL - Scientific and Educational Center for the Application of Criminal Law

The Research and Education Centre is a structural subdivision of the federal state budget-funded educational institution of higher education Kutafin Moscow State Law University.

National Expert Bureau

A highly specialised, independent professional association of experts practising in the fields of expert activity: valuation and valuation expertise, financial and economic expertise, forensic and technical expertise, handwriting expertise and technical and forensic expertise.