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"The end of the endless case and the debts of the former sole proprietorship: the CC's positions over the summer". Commented by Alexander Sergeev and Alina Manina for
20 октября 2022 г.

In the summer, the Constitutional Court examined the story of a businessman whose criminal case had been pending for ten years. The statute of limitations on prosecution had expired, but the investigators refused to terminate it because the businessman did not agree to non-rehabilitative grounds. The Constitutional Court explained what to do, but helped the law enforcement officers rather than the suspects and the accused. Also in the selection of decisions of the Constitutional Court is the application of a former individual entrepreneur to recover contribution debts and the closing of a gap in the law that the legislator had simply forgotten about.

Commented by: 
Manina Alina, Advisor, Deputy Managing Partner, Head of Bankruptcy Support Practice
Sergeev Alexander, Legal Adviser the Criminal Law Practice at Alliance Legal CG. Head of Economic and Corporate Security.