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14 марта 2023 г.
Nowhere in the law is it specified how exactly to calculate the damage from an economic crime. Some courts take into account the market value of the stolen property, while others take into account the purchase value. Some include VAT in the amount of damages, others do not. If the obligations are partially fulfilled, then the courts in some cases take into account the costs, in other cases -they do not. Because of this, confusion often arises in practice.
21 февраля 2023 г.
Pravo300 ranking has published the individual recommendations of lawyers for the fourth year after the release of the results of the main Ranking research. This year, among the recommended specialists there were representatives from new Russian law firms, that were created after international companies left the market.
1 февраля 2023 г.
ESG – is a business transformation tool, where management strategy and internal company policies are shaped with sustainable development objectives in mind. Yunona Sizykh, Senior Consultant at Alliance Legal CG, described the legal side of the issue and how the agenda is evolving today.
20 января 2023 г.
Lawyer Nikita Rozhentsov gave a presentation on the relationship between law and practice in criminal cases of restriction of competition (cartels).
11 января 2023 г.
Law can often be the only way out of a difficult situation, the best way to solve a problem in the transformation of economic relations, say Dmitry Fesko and Evgeny Karnoukhov, partners of Alliance Legal CG law firm. The Russian Business Guide article discusses the new legal demands with which businesses are coming and the growing trend towards the sale of assets abroad.
9 января 2023 г.
If the employer has acted in bad faith, the employee may have his or her deadline to go to court reinstated. After all, the employee is an economically and legally weak party. The Supreme Court reached these conclusions in a dispute between a bank and a redundant employee. A former account manager went to court to challenge her dismissal. But the three instances refused to satisfy the claim because of the missed deadline for appealing to the court. They did not take into account that the claimant had a valid reason for missing the deadline: she had not been informed of the bank's ongoing reorganisation.