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"T-shaped specialist - it's highly competent and efficient!" Article by Yunona Sizykh for RBG
12 июля 2021 г.

There is a trend today to hire T-shaped specialists when forming teams of commercial companies, the legal environment is not an exception. It is believed that such specialists are quicker and more efficient in coping with the tasks set by the business. If previously the basic labour idea was "Let everyone work in their profession", now it should be complemented by "Let everyone work in their profession, but at the same time apply knowledge and skills from other areas of activity". We asked Yunona Sizykh, Senior Consultant at Alliance Legal CG, to discuss why it is important to attract T-shaped professionals, including those in the legal field, and what this concept actually entails.

Author: Yunona Sizykh, Senior Consultant, Alliance Legal CG Legal Practice Department
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