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"Sanction Compliance is a tool to protect the assets and reputation of Russian companies". Rod Tuvaev's article for RBG
10 июня 2020 г.

In recent years, the role of sanctions risk management has rapidly increased and sanctions compliance due to the high risks of Russian residents and domestic companies getting on the US and EU sanctions lists. The media regularly speaks about events and court decisions in cases concerning the inclusion of organizations and individuals in the SDN - the list of blocked persons, and in sectoral lists. This year at the international scientific and practical conference "Kovalevskie Alliance Legal Consulting Group presented its new direction "Practice of sanction law". Rod Tuvaev, special advisor in the practice of sanctions law of Alliance Legal CG, founder of Sanctions Adviser Bureau, BIS certified expert, member of PAEI (USA, Los Angeles), spoke at the conference. We present to you Rod Tuvaev's opinion on sanctions law.

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Tuvaev Rod, Head of Sanctions Law Practice Alliance Legal CG. Of counsel on Export Control, Sanction & Trade Compliance