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"The difficulties of entrepreneurs to “make peace” in courts were discussed at Kovalyov readings 2020". Article by Tersintseva Elena
9 июня 2020 г.

Kovalev readings is a scientific and practical conference with international status dedicated to the memory of M. Kovalev, which has been held annually in Ekaterinburg since 2004. Over 17 years, it has been attended by over 3500 lawyers from 25 countries. This year the conference discussed the issues of reconciliation in law. Experience exchange with representatives of science, Russian and foreign colleagues, discussion of current legal issues and trends in court practice help lawyers and attorneys to defend rights effectively, represent legitimate interests of citizens and business, believes Elena Tersintseva, head of the Urals office of Alliance Legal CG. Having established themselves as professionals with a significant background in the fields of civil, corporate and criminal law, Alliance Legal CG experts regularly participate in the work and organisation of scientific and practical conferences, considering it a professional necessity and a continuous development condition.

Tersintseva Elena - Advisor, Deputy Managing Partner. Head of Corporate and Labor Law Practice.
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