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"Paradoxes of Law"
11 мая 2023 г.

Under sanctions, law firms face new challenges. Dmitry Fesko and Evgeny Karnoukhov (Partners of Alliance Legal CG) for "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". The article is dedicated to the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

"In one moment, all illusions collapsed - humanitarian values, which were repeated from the highest tribunes: human rights, the inviolability of private property, the significance of life."

▪️ The modern picture of the world is intensively changing under the influence of political and economic processes associated with the confrontation between NATO countries and the rest of the world.

The newly created "source of law" - the sanctions regime - outweighs both national laws and international law.

▪️The new situation in the world is perceived differently by business representatives. Some complain and give up. And someone looks at difficulties as new opportunities, as a special difficult task.

▪️As legal consultants for these projects, we see that even in difficult conditions, the sensible mentality of our clients gives them the opportunity to create and earn.

▪️It will require a careful and scrupulous building of a new world, its legal basis, and it depends on each of us on the basis of what values this world will be built.

The full version of the article: "Rossiyskaya Gazeta"*.

*official press organ of the Government of the Russian Federation