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Challenging the results of a forensic examination of the age of a document. Evgeny Karnoukhov and Olga Podoprigorina
22 декабря 2021 г.

If the parties to a case disagree with the conclusions of a forensic examination of a document's age, they often try to persuade the court to order an additional or second forensic examination. Such attempts usually fail. The reason, in particular, is that the forensic expert examination of document antiquity is a complex activity requiring not only special knowledge but also availability of necessary equipment (chromatograph and spectrophotometer). The managing partner of the law firm Alliance Legal Consulting Group and the Head of the laboratory of the National Expert Bureau discuss this in a joint article.

Authors: Karnoukhov Evgeny, Managing partner, Head of Dispute Resolution Practice - Alliance Legal CG. Olga Podoprigorina, Senior Expert Chemist, Head of Laboratory - National Expert Bureau.