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"We set the task to make the SME sector a" locomotive "of the economy." Dmitry Fesko for "Russian Business Guide"
12 марта 2019 г.

Dmitry Fesko, Alliance Legal CG Chairman of the Supervisory Board, specifically for business journal "RBG" about "how small and medium business feels from the point of view of legal regulation".

“There is every reason to believe that small and medium businesses feel unsatisfactory. We admit honestly: the legal guarantees offered by the state as measures to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are imperfect, non-systemic, patchwork, and more oriented to serving interests administrative regulator.

There are many gaps and contradictions in the legislation on SMEs. His unstable character is obvious: the rules of the game change prohibitively often. There are no transparent and logical rules of interaction between the entrepreneur and the state. There is a hypertrophied bias in favor of sub-legal regulation. Take, for example, the legal regulation of customs procedures, which is clearly bureaucratic and outdated. Execution of unreasonable, inappropriate standards leads to excessive, unbearable financial expenses for SMEs. It becomes obvious the need to "embroider" the above and other similar "bottlenecks" rights.

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