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"The Constitutional Court clarified the rights of employees to receive severance pay upon dismissal by agreement of the parties." Olga Kalinchenko for "Lawyer's newspaper".
21 июля 2023 г.

The professional media "Lawyer's Newspaper" published commentary by Olga Kalinchenko, Alliance Legal CG Head of Land and Property Relations Practice.

"Constitutional Court put an end to the revealed uncertainty of the issue of the payment of severance pay in connection with the termination of the employment contract by agreement of the parties, although the very position that the employment contract may provide for other cases of payment of severance pay, as well as establish increased amounts of severance pay, is settled in law.

According to Olga's opinion, the decision of the Constitutional Court is relevant for judges, some of whom ignore the possibility of establishing an employment contract, as well as an agreement on its termination, the so-called additional monetary compensation upon dismissal.

Full version of the publication on the website of the publication.