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Senior Consultant of the Legal Practice Olga Kalinchenko commented the article on the legal portal
23 августа 2018 г.

The Supreme Court explained how to obtain ownerless real estate. If half the apartment is 19 years old no one claimed, is it right to recognize it as escheated property and give it to the city administration? Or a person who for all these years kept an apartment and paid for it, can expect to receive it in ownership on acquisitive prescription? These questions were answered by the Supreme Court.

"Judicial practice in this category of cases (No. 58-KG16-26) shows: if the plaintiff, who was simultaneously co-owner of a share in the apartment, provided in an exhaustive amount evidence of conscientious possession and performance of duties for the maintenance of all property, the courts settle the dispute in his favor," - said Olga Kalinchenko, Senior Consultant of the Legal Practice Department of Alliance Legal CG.

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