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Group of companies "Aurat" obtained control over a major supplier of reagents to Vodokanal of Yekaterinburg.
26 октября 2020 г.

The Moscow group of companies "Aurat" has received full corporate control over the Ural plant - producer of coagulants for drinking water treatment "Reagents of Vodokanal". According to the company, the transfer of the Urals plant under the control of "Aurat" will integrate a significant for the region plant producing aluminum oxychloride brand "Bopak" into a single supply and supply chain of one of the largest Russian companies in the industry.

Customers of Vodokanal Reagents products are Russia's largest water treatment and water purification companies, defense industry organizations and budget institutions in the Central, North-Western, Southern, Volga, Urals, Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts. Aurat expects to be able to apply new approaches to the asset management and logistics policy, making production more efficient.

Control over "Vodokanal Reagents" was the subject of many years of legal proceedings: after "Aurat" bought back the plant shares from the owners, it turned out that part of the stake had been pre-registered to other people. This year, in the course of the process, in which "Aurat" was represented by the team of the law firm Alliance Legal CG, an amicable agreement was concluded on the transfer of the disputed block of shares to the company. 

Karnoukhov Evgeny, Managing partner. Head of Dispute Resolution Practice, Tersintseva Elena, Advisor, Deputy Managing Partner. Head of Corporate and Labor Law Practice, Manina Alina, Advisor, Deputy Managing Partner, Head of Bankruptcy Support Practice, Kalinchenko Olga, Advisor, Head of Land and Property Relations, Rozhentsov Nikita, Senior Consultant of the Department of Legal Practice, curator of projects, worked on the case.