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"Garage amnesty" and a new ban on lawyers: the main laws of 2021". Dmitry Fesko for
27 декабря 2021 г.

We summarise the legislative results of the year and report on the most significant and debated laws. The state is extending its control to new areas. Not only the biggest, but also some medium-sized companies can now fall under tax monitoring. By choosing this regime, they avoid desk and field audits, but are required to fully disclose all information about themselves. The government also demands more transparency from mobile operators: they must deactivate SIM cards of anonymous individuals. And the law on educational activities could put educational activities outside schools and universities under state control. Also in the selection are changes for lawyers and judges, the start of "garage amnesty" and more.

Author: Fesko Dmitry, Partner, Chairman of the Supervisory Board (Partner Council). Head of Investment and Tax Law Practice.