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Bloggers and criminal risks. Alliance Legal CG lawyer Nikita Rozhentsov for "RBC pro".
19 мая 2023 г.

There are criminal and legal risks in any business activity. Bloggers who have opened individual entrepreneurs and LLCs do not always take them into account. Lawyer Nikita Rozhentsov (Alliance Legal CG) spoke about the risks entrepreneurial-bloggers should be aware of and how to prevent them.

🎦 In 2023, criminal cases were initiated against several well-known bloggers in connection with tax evasion.

According to investigators, being individual entrepreneurs and using a simplified taxation system, they allowed income limits to be exceeded under a special tax regime, as a result of which the budget missed hundreds of millions of rubles in taxes.

🎦 In connection with what happened, people began to talk about the emergence of a new trend aimed at criminal prosecution of Internet bloggers, YouTubers, organizers of educational courses.

At the same time, there is an opinion that such activity is nothing more than a hobby and does not entail consequences. However, this is only at first glance. Many representatives of the Internet industry, especially millionaire bloggers, register an individual entrepreneur or LLC, thereby recognizing their activities as entrepreneurial.

🚩But from the point of view of tax consequences, such a business is no different from the usual one. 

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