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Alliance Legal CG Charity Run. Global #LegalRun 2020
22 июля 2020 г.

The pandemic has left its mark on charitable foundations. The unindifferent found themselves in a situation of uncertainty, which means that there are fewer regular donations. #LegalRun was not desperate and found a solution - to organize individual flash mobs for lawyers!

In 7 years the #LegalRun Charity Project has helped 65 children with cancer get the treatment they need.

Flashmob brought together lawyers from 20 countries. 12,500 runners: in Russia - from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad, outside Russia - from New Zealand to Miami.

This year's Legal run was on the verge of failure due to the Covid-19.

But the organizers, having found a non-standard solution, declared: "Run - to be!" The indifferent ran their own flashmobs, inspired by the Legal run slogan: Run! Smile! Help! 

Our race was held in Ekaterinburg. And we are happy to run, smile and help with you, #LegalRun.