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Arbitration in Russia 2016: What's Next?
11 ноября 2016 г.

Alliance Legal CG took part in a conference organized by Kommersant publishing house and devoted to topical issues of arbitration court reform in Russia

We present to your attention a video report on the annual January event at Moscow State Law Academy them. O. E. Kutafina - International Scientific and Practical Conference "Criminal Law: A Development Strategy in the XXI Century", which is without a doubt one of the most ambitious activities in the field of criminal law.

Reports of the speakers, expert comments, questions from the audience - all this provided an excellent basis for discussions on the most topical issues.

Alliance Legal CG thanks the organizers for the opportunity to become a conference partner.

Our speakers: Podvarkova Marina Yuryevna - adviser, criminal lawyer.

Artem S. Grishin - Deputy Managing Partner, Criminal Lawyer.

* If you want to feel the atmosphere and lively emotions of the conference, it is recommended to watch the video with sound.