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Alliance Legal CG "Fairy Tale".
11 августа 2023 г.

Summer corporate event of Moscow and Ural Alliance Legal CG offices.

"Whatever the dream is, no matter how unrealizable it may seem, in Russian folk tale the dream always comes true. Dream and be happy, like in a fairy tale!" 

Dmitry Fesko, Partner, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Alliance Legal CG.

"Our holiday coincided with the day of the Russian language - the language in which these fairy tales are spoken, so this is our professional holiday, because without the knowledge of the Russian word, writing, judicial speaking - our profession is unthinkable. Lawyers are a bit of storytellers , our profession is beautiful, fabulous!"

Evgeny Karnoukhov, Alliance Legal CG Managing partner.

"We were born to make a fairy tale come true", this is about our Alliance :)