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"Russia: how business is turned into a criminal community." Alliance Legal CG for "Eurasianet"
15 июля 2019 г.

"At Russian legislation any company can fall under the definition of the criminal community". Alliance Legal CG attorney Artem Grishin for business portal "Eurasianet"

Businessmen continue to be judged by the articles on fraud and the organization of criminal groups, and unreasonably imprisonment, using the tools of the investigation in the competition fight.

Approximately 90% of the cases ultimately fall apart, in most cases, the entrepreneurs in which they were initiated lose their business.

"Initially, Article 210 was introduced to combat gangs and the so-called criminal authorities, says Artem Grishin, Alliance Legal CG adviser and deputy managing partner. The application of this article to crimes in the economic sphere gives the investigating authorities unlimited opportunities to exert pressure on participants in business activities. It is obvious that even innocent people who have been detained for more than a year and who are also threatened with the punishment provided for by article 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (from 12 years to life imprisonment), due to the simplest human factors, have to compromise with the investigation"

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