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"The purchase of "Gorelektrotrans" work-wear was suspended in St. Petersburg,. Alliance Legal CG for "Business Petersburg".
27 июня 2019 г.

Nikita Rozhentsov, Senior Consultant, Alliance Legal CG Legal Department for business journal "Business Petersburg". The Board of the Federal Antimonopoly Service in St. Petersburg suspended state procurement of work-wear for "Gorelektrotrans". The Office received a complaint from "Ivanovo textile company". The manufacturer claims that the carrier unreasonably rejected their application, and the State Unitary Enterprise says that the company did not provide all the documents.

"Gorelektrotrans" announced an open tender in electronic form for the purchase of work-wear in mid-May 2019, the auction results were announced on June 4. This is evidenced by the data of a single portal of public procurement. The maximum amount of the contract was 17.5 million rubles.

The winner was recognized "Tekhnoavia-Saint-Petersburg" LLC. The company estimated the cost of work at 17.2 million rubles. Two participants - "Ivanovo textile company" (offered 12.9 million rubles) and "FAPTM" (15.1 million rubles) - were not allowed to enter the competition.

The protocol of the meeting of the procurement committee of "Gorelektrotrans" explains that the company from Ivanovo did not provide a certificate stating that "the participant’s property was not arrested, economic activity was not suspended." Also, "Ivanovo textile company" has not published data on changes in the information on the legal entity.

Nikita Rozhentsov, Senior Consultant, Alliance Legal CG Legal Practice Department:  "The arguments mentioned in the complaint are unlikely to be perceived by the FAS as reasonable. The actions of the applicant, who decided not to submit the necessary documents, are evidence of the conscious choice of its behavior, therefore, the customer had the right to reject the received application "