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Alliance Legal CG at the conference "Criminal Legal Protection of Business 2019"
21 июня 2019 г.

Alliance Legal CG Managing Partner Yevgeny Karnoukhov spoke at the conference on “Criminal law protection of business” with the topic of intersectoral prejudice in arbitration and criminal proceedings.

Managing partner of Alliance Legal CG, Yevgeny Karnoukhov, admitted that there are often clients who ask to help initiate a criminal case against an opponent: "More and more civil conflicts are trying to be resolved in this way. One of the main reasons for the popularity of such a scheme is that the criminal justice process ignores arbitration prejudice. He cited as an example the case of Michael Calvey, who is accused of fraud (Article 159 of the Criminal Code). According to investigators, the businessman deceived the bank by transferring a block of shares worth 600,000 rubles to that instead of the promised 3 billion rubles. Although in the framework of the arbitration case the same securities were estimated at 3.08 billion rubles. But the investigators did not take this into account and conduct their own examination of the value of the shares on the criminal case.

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