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"The Supreme Court helped workers establish labor relations." Alliance Legal CG experts comment for
15 апреля 2019 г.

“How to prove labor relations if there is neither an employment contract nor employment record? Employees submitted passes, orders for employment, work orders, brought witnesses, but two instances did not believe them. The Supreme Court recalled that the existence of labor relations between the parties is presumed, and the burden of proof to the contrary lies with the employer. " Comment by Olga Kalinchenko, Counselor, Head of Land and Property Practice, Alliance Legal CG.

Counselor, head of land and property relations practice at Alliance Legal CG, Olga Kalinchenko recalled that the Supreme Court had already helped workers in a similar dispute (No. 8-КГ18-9). “Now judicial practice is on the way of strengthening the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of workers (No. 34-КГ17-10).

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