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Deputy Managing Partner at conference "Intellectual property: old problems and new practice."
17 апреля 2019 г.

Legislative changes, the development of judicial practice, the problems of parallel imports, counterfeit, protection of rights to a song and computer programs - this and much more was discussed by the participants of the V annual conference “” on intellectual property issues.

Alliance Legal CG lawyer Artem Grishin spoke about legal copyright protection of musical compositions.

Sochi singer Ruslan Kagarmanov filed a lawsuit against Alexander Revva (known under the pseudonym of Arthur Pirozhkov) because of the song “Chika”. Kagarmanov said that Revva stole his song "and in general half his life." In court, he tried to prove his case, including through examination. The expert who coordinated the report did not have any special skills. He explained his ability to evaluate a piece of music by the fact that he can play the accordion, and his knowledge of linguistics, by being a native speaker of the Russian language. The court found such a conclusion unreliable and inadmissible, and rejected the lawsuit.

“Refusing to satisfy Ruslan Kagarmanov’s claims, the court especially noted that the very name of the musical piece“ Chika ”is not patented and is not subject to exclusive rights.”

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