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"Do not cross the dangerous line." Alliance Legal CG for "Advocate Newspaper".
8 февраля 2019 г.

"Do not cross the dangerous line. On the boundaries between controlled and criminal bankruptcies". Alliance Legal CG Deputy Managing Partner, Head of Bankruptcy Support Practice Alina Manina for the professional edition "Advocate newspaper". The thin line between controlled (controlled) and criminal bankruptcy causes a heightened risk of criminal liability for bankruptcy managers and business owners who want to “write off debts” through insolvency procedures and preserve valuable assets. The author of this article will consider what are the fundamental differences between controlled and criminal bankruptcies and how to avoid criminal liability.

The mechanisms of unlawful interests of unscrupulous individuals in a bankruptcy procedure can be disguised as legitimate, which, being difficult to detect and prove, violate rights and damage both business representatives in the private law sphere and the economy at the state level as a whole.

Full version of the article on the issue "Advocate Newspaper"