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Alliance Legal CG at the "Joint Russian-German round table". NOTS MSAL
12 октября 2018 г.

Presentation of the Scientific and Educational Center (structural subdivision of the Moscow State Law University named after O. Kutafin (MSLA) "and the presentation at the event" Joint Russian-German round table on the topic "Crimes in the economic sphere: Russian and European experience".

At the Round Table, there was made a presentation of the SEC of the application of criminal law, at which Mr. Rarog Aleksey (head of the REC, doctor of law, professor, honored worker of science of the Russian Federation), Mr. Sinyukov Vladimir, vice-rector for scientific work of the University. O. E. Kutafina, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation), as well as Mrs. Podvarkova Marina (criminal lawyer of Alliance Legal CG) spoke on behalf of the SEC partners.

"For our company, cooperation with one of the oldest and best law schools in the country is certainly a great honor. Many of our company's employees - the main core, representing the Ural Law School, which is also considered to be one of the leading in the country. We will be happy to share our knowledge and serious practical experience as experts and consultants in the field of criminal law. We have enough experience to share and discuss.
I am convinced that joint cooperation will have a beneficial effect on the unification of science and practice, because one cannot exist without the other. Thank you very much for the opportunity, good luck! "

Invited guests from Germany - Uwe Hellmann (Head of the Department of Criminal and Economic Law of the University of Potsdam, habilitated Doctor of Law, Professor), Diane Stage (Research Associate of the Department of Criminal and Economic Criminal Law of the University of Potsdam, Doctor of Law, Professor).

The Russian side was represented by honored scientists, professors and partners of the REC of the application of criminal law, including: Mr. Kochoi Samvel (Professor of the Department of Criminal Law of the University O.E. Kutafin, Doctor of Law, Professor), Mr. Pikurov Nikolay (Professor of the Department - legal disciplines of the University of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Law, Professor) and many other distinguished speakers.

The speaker from Alliance Legal CG at the event "Joint Russian-German Round Table" on the topic "Crimes in the economic sphere: the Russian and European experience" was lawyer and Deputy Managing Partner Mr. Grishin Artem with the report on the topic: "The problem of criminal liability for tax evasion against top managers"

In his report, Artem highlighted the issues of research and evidence of the facts of intentional non-payment or incomplete payment of tax amounts in theory and in practice.

Artem began his speech with the quote of French writer and journalist Pierre Daninos: "You may not notice that everything is going well with you. But the tax service will definitely notice this."

Alliance Legal CG is grateful to the organizers and participants of the Round Table. For us it is certainly a great honor to speak, take part in discussions and share practical experience with recognized scientists and foreign colleagues.