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"Symptomatic of serious legal problems". An article by Evgeny Karnoukhov
21 июля 2020 г.

Use of criminal law methods in resolving civil law conflicts: issues of law enforcement and search for solutions. Article by Evgeny Karnoukhov

The article analyzes the problems that arise when providing assistance to the trustees in criminal cases of economic orientation: the ignorance of criminal proceedings in arbitration proceedings; unjustified use of such criminal instruments as seizure of property and (or) seizure of material evidence as leverage. 

At the same time, the supreme judicial bodies seemed to have developed a unified legal approach according to which pre-trial proceedings in criminal cases on crimes in the sphere of economic activity generally recognize arbitration forensics and prevent unreasonable seizure of property used in business activities. 

However, the situational rather than systematic nature of the relevant explanations allows investigators to be guided by the "circumstances of a particular criminal case", which gives the investigation factually unlimited discretion.

Author: Karnoukhov Evgeny, Managing partner. Head of Dispute Resolution Practice
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