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"Just will write a review, go to court and take it cheaply". Myths about lawyers' job. Article by
October 1, 2020

Five myths that prevent business from using legal services. And at great risk.

Big money is a big risk. Axiom, which over 30 years of market relationships in Russia, seemed to have to be absorbed by all those who realize themselves in business. 

Just as the business climate in our country has its own peculiarities, which multiply the risks for the business community. All this should have long ago and firmly connected businessmen with specialists in the legal sphere. 

But it was not. In the business environment (as well as in the society at large) prejudices are still strong, which affect the attitude towards lawyers and legal services. Let's analyze these dangerous myths by examples.

Speakers: Dmitry Fesko, Partner, Chairman of the Supervisory Board (Partner Council). Head of Investment and Tax Law Practice. Evgeny KarnoukhovKarnoukhov, Managing partner. Head of Dispute Resolution Practice.