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"Accusations of artificial crushing: five tips for the taxpayer". Report by Nikita Rozhentsov at the conference
October 2, 2020

Some businessmen beware of company affiliates - they believe that because of this, they will certainly get additional taxes. But interdependent companies are not in themselves a sign of unjustified tax benefit. Other entrepreneurs, on the contrary, cannot temper the "financial appetite" and stop risky plans in time. How to find the "golden mean", said Nikita Rozhentsov, Senior Consultant at the Department of Legal Practice and Project Curator at Alliance Legal CG.

The report covers the issues:

☑   Why does the Federal Tax Service pay special attention to the issue of business crushing?

☑   What is the specificity of tax disputes on artificial business crushing?

☑   What circumstances will interest the Federal Tax Service? Signs of artificial crushing.

☑   What arguments can a taxpayer use to prove his good faith to tax authorities and court? TOP-5 recommendations

Author: Rozhentsov Nikita