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Amdur Ksenia
Advocate, Supervisor of criminal law practice of Alliance Legal CG. Project supervisor

Ural State Law Academy, specialty "Lawyer".


Ksenia is one of the leading specialists in the criminal law practice of the firm. She represents clients during operational investigative activities, preliminary investigation and judicial proceedings on economic crimes and crimes of professional misconduct.

Ksenia supervises the activities of specialized working groups in the implementation of complex projects related to the resolution of complex corporate and property conflicts that require combining various expertise and competencies in the field of criminal and civil law.


Prior to joining Alliance Legal CG Ksenia practiced law, since 2013 successfully defending clients in criminal cases of economic orientation and corporate disputes. She has experience working in the legal department of a large development company.

14 марта 2023 г.
Nowhere in the law is it specified how exactly to calculate the damage from an economic crime. Some courts take into account the market value of the stolen property, while others take into account the purchase value. Some include VAT in the amount of damages, others do not. If the obligations are partially fulfilled, then the courts in some cases take into account the costs, in other cases -they do not. Because of this, confusion often arises in practice.
27 декабря 2022 г.
The Supreme Court examined a case where a law enforcer was fined for bribery for a flat, a garage and a car. However, the lower courts did not take into account that these were jointly owned by the defendant and his wife. She lodged a complaint with the Supreme Court to defend her interests.
11 ноября 2022 г.
In September, the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court investigated whether defrauded depositors could recover money from the founder of a company that had been excluded from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. Material with a commentary by Ksenia Amdur.
24 августа 2022 г.
Two articles are planned to be removed from the Criminal Code.
7 июля 2022 г.
In 2020, the court found the woman guilty of distributing drugs. Her lawyer was unable to attend the hearing when the verdict was appealed in cassation. The case was eventually heard without him, even though the lawyer had indicated that he would not be able to attend. The Supreme Court has clarified why a hearing cannot be held without defence counsel even if the defendant has no objections. Read about the problem of lawyers being "forced out" of proceedings and how to behave in such a situation in this article.
17 мая 2022 г.
The amendments, in particular, provide for the compulsory participation of defence counsel in criminal proceedings via online, with the possibility of confidential communication with the defendant. Ksenia Amdur comments.
9 марта 2022 г.
The woman signed a tenancy agreement for a two-room flat and moved in with her family. Subsequently, the flat was declared unfit for habitation and the family moved out. The district administration felt that the flat was no longer needed and sued to terminate the contract. The defendants argued that they were relocating because they were not safe to live in the house. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court, which explained when one cannot be deprived of the right to use social housing.
24 февраля 2022 г.
The Court considered that in the temporary absence of the judge hearing the criminal case on the merits alone, the authorisation of the extension of the preventive measure by another judge did not make it dependent on previous decisions in the case
13 января 2022 г.
From 13 January, lawyers, notaries and law firms will begin to monitor clients differently under the Anti-Money Laundering law. They will begin to assess the risks of their clients in more detail. The requirements for the internal paperwork have been raised: now the information should be sent to Rosfinmonitoring according to a specific plan. Experts predict that the new approach will increase paperwork for lawyers and further damage relations with clients.
14 декабря 2021 г.
The Court recalled that the defence had the right to familiarise itself with the order for the appointment and conduct of the forensic examination, to challenge the expert and to apply for an additional or repeated examination
27 ноября 2021 г.
The ability to manage emotions is one of the fundamental qualities of a good lawyer, but it should not be confused with coldness and indifference. A human rights defender who is disinterested in the judicial process and in his or her client is doomed to failure. Ksenia Amdur, a practising lawyer at Alliance Legal CG, talks to us about the distinctive features of a true legal professional as well as about her own development in the profession and the corporate culture of Alliance Legal CG.
26 ноября 2021 г.
Awards were given to women leaders who develop businesses in different sectors - education, pharmaceuticals, law.
15 ноября 2021 г.
In courts, issues often arise that require special knowledge in the field of handwriting and forensic document examination. An article by Olga Podoprigorina, Sergey Ovechkin and Ksenia Amdur.
28 октября 2021 г.
Реалии отечественного уголовного судопроизводства таковы, что следует разделять предусмотренное государством законодательное регулирование вопроса о привлечении топ-менеджеров к ответственности и то, каким образом судебно-уголовная система подходит к вопросу оценки доказательств обвинения. Одним из основополагающих принципов уголовного процесса является принцип вины, который означает, что лицо подлежит уголовной ответственности только за те общественно опасные деяния и наступившие общественно опасные последствия, в отношении которых установлена его вина.
25 октября 2021 г.
The government wants to take advantage of the recently adopted amendments to the law on state appraisal and give eight types of forensic examinations to the exclusive competence of state forensic organisations. The draft decree concerns expert examinations in criminal cases and cases of disputing the cadastral value of real estate. Experts are sceptical about the latter initiative. They warn that "monopolization" of the appraisal will lead to an increase in the workload of state experts and will have a detrimental effect on the adversarial nature of the process in such cases.
23 сентября 2021 г.
Ksenia Amdur made a report on "Specifics of proving the guilt of an organisation's manager. How to prove the good faith and reasonableness of a top manager's actions" at the conference.
7 июля 2021 г.
Unscrupulous employees of a manufacturer may prevent potential customers from placing an order directly and diverting them to shell companies. What safeguards to use when dealing with internal fraudsters to avoid giving them the gift of your profits.
1 июля 2021 г.
Experts note that it will now be easier to prosecute for this offence because of the increased statute of limitations. However, lawyers have differing views on the inclusion of the concept of a "debtor's controlling person" in the criminal law.
23 июня 2021 г.
On 23 June 2021, O.E. Kutafin University (MSAL) hosted Alliance Legal CG's Moscow office in a hybrid format for the second academic and practical conference "Criminal Cases: Procedural Issues".
16 июня 2021 г.
The Constitutional Court has allowed an appeal against the lawfulness and validity of the reason for refusing to initiate criminal proceedings. An investigator may refuse if he does not see an event or corpus delicti. Investigators and courts may confuse the two grounds, but there is a difference between them, the CC said. And confusion can lead to a person being indirectly accused of a misdemeanour, even if there is insufficient evidence. Lawyers were optimistic about the ruling.
19 апреля 2021 г.
On 6 April, a bill to regulate remote participation in court proceedings and electronic document flow was introduced in the State Duma. Read more here
12 апреля 2021 г.
Report by Ksenia: "Prospects for increased liability for bankruptcy misconduct and intentional bankruptcy"
11 февраля 2021 г.
A visit from law enforcement authorities can come as a complete surprise to office staff. Confusion, not understanding how to behave in such a situation, how to talk to the authorities - all these simple human factors can lead to negative consequences, which the lawyer will have to deal with in the future. How should you prepare your organisation's staff and what should they do if they have to deal with law enforcement officials?
2 февраля 2021 г.
Almost 80 cases will be considered by the Supreme Court from February 1st to February 5th. The week is full of "judicial" disputes, including the high-profile case of Elena Khakhaleva, who was stripped of her mantle for absenteeism. Another judge, Vasilya Nurieva, will try to challenge the termination of her resignation for running her husband's cafe in parallel with her work. The civil panel will sort out the amount of compensation for the illegal "criminal", and the economics panel will decide whether the tenants of the land can use the land in part not for its intended purpose.
26 января 2021 г.
The issue of the procedure for consideration of civil claims in criminal cases has long needed clarification. Judicial practice followed the path of preferential referral of civil suits for consideration in civil proceedings, so as not to delay the consideration of a criminal case. On October 13, 2020, the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation adopted the long-awaited clarification. Ksenia Amdur, adviser of criminal law and general practice of Alliance Legal CG, analysed whether it will become easier for law enforcers.
25 января 2021 г.
O.E. Kutafin Moscow State Law Academy extends its gratitude to our criminal and general counsel and attorney Ksenia Amdur for her support of criminal law science and active participation in University life.
22 января 2021 г.
On January 21-22, 2021 the 18th International Research-to-Practice Conference "Criminal Law: Development Strategy in the XXI Century" was held at the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSLU). Ksenia Amdur took part in the panel discussion "Criminal Law Risks of Economic Activity".
18 января 2021 г.
On January 19, Ksenia Amdur at the conference "Criminal Law Business Risks" will talk about how to train employees to navigate during a law enforcement visit. The conference's general partner is the Moscow State Law Academy's NOTS.
7 января 2021 г.
What to do if a company's employee is suspected of receiving a kickback during the conclusion of a contract? Ksenia Amdur, Advocate and Advisor of criminal law and general practice of Alliance Legal CG, described the procedure specially for magazines "Raschet" and "".
15 декабря 2020 г.
Both victims and law enforcement agencies face problems with the application of Article 195 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which provides punishment for such a crime. Since the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation came into force in 1996, its Article 195 has provided liability for unlawful actions in bankruptcy. However, the number of problems of application of this article increases as more and more participants of civil turnover find themselves involved in bankruptcy procedures.
11 декабря 2020 г.
Ksenia Amdur made a speech at the conference "Criminal Bankruptcy and Failed Solutions: Criminal Cases for Business" on December 11 with the report "Civil Claim and Criminal Case. Analysis of the Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on Civil Claims in Criminal Cases".
9 ноября 2020 г.
The practice of holding a top manager accountable has changed dramatically over the last decade. If in 2010 losses were levied on units, now the manager risks being held liable for an unprofitable transaction. This also applies to the "subdiarka". The number of involved KDLs increased several times. Experts told "" about how the legislative approach to the responsibility of the Directorate changed and what the practice corrected.
15 октября 2020 г.
Unfortunately, sometimes this expression also applies to the contract, which was not thoroughly tested during the negotiation stage. One head of the department put his signature, hurrying to do his business, another one did the same, as a result everyone hoped for someone else, and the unfavorable conditions prescribed in the contract led to significant losses for the company. Ksenia Amdur, advisor of criminal law and general practice at Alliance Legal CG, discussed how to avoid such a situation.
9 октября 2020 г.
On the 16th of October NOTS MSAL will hold an international round table on "Economic crimes: Russian and foreign experience".